Friday, May 26, 2006

For Future Reference...

To the cabbies,

Honking your horn when you see me walking along the street is actually going to make me LESS likely to hire you. Do you not think that I would be well aware if and when I might want to take a cab? Also, why is it that, whenever I DO need you, you are nowhere to be seen???

To Westlaw,

Thanks for the iPod. An unforeseen positive externality? Completely deterring solicitors on the street from approaching me about sponsoring the next Democratic candidate for second treasurer of the county or preventing Big Business from endangering the habitat of the purple winged wombat.

1 comment:

The Law Fairy said...

Those poor purple winged wombats. They keep smashing into impatient cabbies' windows as they veer away from customers who actually want to hire them.