Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is the story of my starring FUTILE quest to get a pedicure at 8:30AM, in time to catch my flight this afternoon. Notice the time stamp on my previous post. Now look at the time stamp on this post. I AM A DEDICATED PEDICURIST! I have just returned from trying to hunt down a pedicure for the past HOUR. First Metromix did me wrong and erroneously reported the opening time of a spa nearby. I arrived there (henceforth called Spa 1) at approximately 8:40...only to find that it would not open until 9. I looked across the way and saw another nail salon (Spa 2)...which doesn't open until 10. I then walked down two blocks to another pair of salons...only to find that one (Spa 3) would not open until 10 and another (Spa 4) was open but, according to the valet outside, did not offer nail services until 10:30. I then went for breakfast, which, by the way, took FOREVER to arrive. How hard is a bowl of oatmeal?? Anyway, at 9, I returned to Spa 1, only to find that they were booked up for pedicures. One of the appointments had not yet arrived, and, since they obviously didn't want to lose a "bird in hand," they gave me a runaround answer on how I should leave my phone number and they would call in ten/fifteen minutes. I do not have all day, people! I left at approximately 9:10 to see if another place nearby (Spa 5) was (1) open yet and (2) available for pedicures. Spa 5, alas, did not offer pedicure. Spa 5 sent me to Spa 6, which...would not open until 10AM. I then proceeded back to Spa 4 (thinking the valet may have offered misinformation), and they were open for pedicures...but there were no openings. Who gets pedicure appointments at 9AM?! ANYWAY, I walked by Spa 1 again to see that the appointment HAD indeed arrived. From there, on my way back home, I saw another salon (Spa 7), which...was not open and did not even have business hours in the window. I continued home to pass by another salon (Spa 8), which...would not open until 12 NOON. People! Laziness! Anyway, almost home now, I stopped by my last hope (Spa 9)...which, according to the woman who answered the phone, would not open unti 11 and even then it was all booked up. So, frustrated and defeated in my efforts, I continued on my way home, completely unpedicured an hour after my search had begun.

People people people...THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN IN NYC!!!

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NaughtyVoyeur said...

Holy cow. Come over, girl, I'll paint your toes. Shit. I'm not a pedi person, can't stand people touching my feet. I want to kick them :) But, I have mental issues.

Good luck!