Monday, April 10, 2006

UVA Roundup

I had a blast at UVA, and Daddy Pose and Piper did a great job getting 100 kids down to Charlottesville, five states away, intact and largely unharmed. My arm hurts like a motherf-er still, and my thighs are on fire. It was awesome, though.

Team Awesome got creamed by Georgetown-Blue (a.k.a. the best Georgetown team). We lost 20-something to 1. But we got that one run in the first inning, so we were totally leading for half an inning. LEADING. Woohoo! But then we proceeded to lose. Big time. Ah well. Ultimately, Georgetown Blue ended up the #2 team there (they made it to the finals), so at least we got our ass handed to us by a team that was super good. :)

A break-down of the stuff that happened:
Highlight from the Rutgers game: Bigass Rutgers Guy is at the plate. He takes a huge swing...and misses. His teammate laughs and yells "Hey man, you look like my sister!" Bigass Rutgers Guy yells back "Juan, I knew your sister looked like a man!"
Injuries: My right arm hurts in ways I never knew it could. My ass apparently has muscles I never knew it had. And my mount of Jupiter is bright red and slightly tender.
Team that I will hate until the day I die: Seton Hall.
Fights I wanted to start against Seton Hall: One.
Fights I unfortunately did not start against Seton Hall: One.
Strikeouts: ONE. I STRUCK OUT A GUY. (!!!!)
Number of runs given up: 38? I think?
Runs scored by Team Awesome: 6!
Walks given up: No clue. Waaaay too many.
Beers drunk: Two. (I hate beer, so this is a big deal!)
New drinking games learned and played: Three.
Games involving dice: One.
Games played involving sharing a cup with six guys from Rutgers: One.
Disgusting fast food meals eaten: Three.
Miles driven: ~1620
Students arrested: One.
Students rumored to be expelled (unrelated to UVA, but much talked about there): Two.
Papers needed to be written the morning of my return: One.
Cheers created: Three!
Fun level: AWESOME.

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The Law Fairy said...

Oooooo, who's getting expelled? Did they skip Lichtman one too many times??

Dude, way to go striking out a guy!!