Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You're either in...or you're out. a.k.a. The Project Runway Post

Wow, Daniel's collection is kind of...bland.

Chloe's balloon dress is kind of...hideous.

And Santino's gauzy dress is kind of...beautiful.

I HATE to say it, but is there an upset in the works here?!??!!???

Also, I am a big fan of hats, but has anybody wondered why Santino keeps wearing hats that don't seem to fit his head?

And OH MY GOD, "even if you put pasties and a friggin' maxi pad on the thirteenth model and send her down the runway, I don't care anymore" is the quote of the entire season.


lakhawk said...

I know! I was shocked - Santino is actually a real person. But why didn't he display any of this talent in the previous episodes? And who stole Daniel's taste? And why on EARTH did Chloe pick Diana to be her assistant?

odderie said...

Totally! When she picked Diana, I was floored. Is Diana some mystery seamstress guru or something???

I feel like she was sending some totally left field "We Asian chicks have to stick together" message.

lakhawk said...

Well, she was obviously upset with Kara for selling her out at the end of their final challenge, and Nick and Andre were already chosen. Zulema had some real technical problems in the challenges, and nobody liked Emmet, so I guess that left Diana.

Anonymous said...

Y'all need ot be following the runway discussion at

Anyway - Chloe probably couldn't pick Kara - remember, she had to show a collection to throw the fashion week viewers off as to who was in the final 3. Diana was a poor choice - I'd have gone with emmett - she got allong with himwhen they worked together and he can sew.

Santino couldn't show his talent, I think, because he never had enough time to undo all his extra crap. With a lot of time, he can play with it until it's beautiful instead of letting it go down the runway overdone.

Deloris said...

During Olympus Fashion Week, they have an offical website that has photographs of all of the designers that had shows in the tent. Project Runway's page had photos of Santino, Daniel V, Chloe and Kara. I think Chloe didn't pick Kara because she had to finish her own collection for the runway show.

Go here to see the photos

odderie said...

That makes sense. Even so, though, Chloe need not have picked Kara. Besides Kara and Diana, there were 9 other designers left!