Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Runway Finale -- Collections Reviewed (Pre-Win)

Daniel's Collection

Two words: BOR-ING.

Two more words: Banana Republic.

What was up with the red sweater and satin pants combo?

You can find that at J. Crew!!


Chloe's Collection

I loved it. Love the color, detailing, textures, and cuts.

My prediction to win now that Daniel has dropped the ball and Santino has been so OUT THERE in the past 10 weeks that they wouldn't let him win even if he put the second coming of Coco Chanel-Zac Posen-John Galliano-Karl Lagerfeld-Giorgio Armani-Stella McCartney down the runway.

Santino's Collection

Beautiful, some odd pieces, though.

Although I loved the gauzy crinkle dress during the preview last week, I really don't like it on the runway. Is it just me or did it make the model (who is obviously a size -2 or something) look fat?


Albert Clifford Slater said...

Ok, honestly, and this is going to sound a bit piggish, but since I'm slater it seems apropo...I've never seen this show, and when I was flipping by and saw Chloe, I stopped just cuz she's hot....smoking hot...that is all.

odderie said...

Yeah...and Slater would really say the word "apropo."

lakhawk said...

I agree completely. Daniel was dull, Chloe was high fashion, and Santino was still just a little odd. But give him a couple of years, and Daniel will be awesome.

odderie said...


His collection just did not step up in the end. Up until this final week (well, up until last week when I first saw the bores that he was sending down the runway, that is), I figured it was Daniel's contest to win or lose.

Well, he lost.