Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Molto caldo!

Is it just me or are there some major hotties on the Olympic team??? It's just that much hotter to know that they are elite athletes who are better than, well, everyone else in the world at what they do. Hottt. In an attempt to get in the spirit of these Games, here's some eye candy:

Joey Cheek -- cheeky! I love seeing a guy showing unbridled excitement.

Jeremy Bloom -- DAMN, GINA.


Fozzie Bear said...

Joey Cheek is definitely my favorite athlete of the Olympics so far. How addorable!!! I like it when they smile...I am looking forward to some American smiles and tears of joy in Women's Figure Skating on Thursday!

odderie said...

Cheek is so cute. And there's none of this rivalry/bitterness/bad-mouthing from him.