Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'd hate to live on Farfrompoopen Road.

I think they got it wrong when they voted Psycho Path as the wackiest street name. Farfrompoopen Road (the only road up to Constipation Ridge) gets my vote.


The Law Fairy said...

I think I'd actually like to live on Farfrompoopen Road. I like the idea of living far from all the poopen.

Dude, how does Divorce Court beat Farfrompoopen Road??? Divorce Court equals a giggle -- it's like a doctor whose name is pepper. It's kind of funny in that, "huh, I guess that *could* happen," kind of way. But Farfrompoopen? Someone was stoned when they thought up that name. That's laugh-out-loud funny. I want a recount of the ballots!

Anonymous said...

AP's San Francisco office made the error of placing Farfrompoopen Road in Tennessee rather than in Arkansas in reporting the story. Now if you Google Farfrompoopen Road, there about about 80,000 entries. I did not look at all of them, but a lot of them that I saw perpetuated the error.

If you look at Mitsubishi's Web site, you will see that Farfrompoopen Road, which came in third, is in Story, Ark. On second thought, it's too bad it did not come in No. 2.