Sunday, January 15, 2006

An Open Letter to MTV

Dear MTV,

I never thought I'd be sending a letter like this to a station like you, but (a) you happen to have produced one of my favorite shows ever (no, I'm not talking about Celebrity Deathmatch or The Osbournes) and (b) I desperately want something from your Very Important People.

Back in 1997, you put out a little show called Daria. For reasons unbeknownst to me or to 18,000+ other people, there is no Daria DVD available for any of the 65 episodes of this show.

The outrage! The utter disregard for humanity! The suffering!

How is it possible that shows such as Laguna Beach or Pimp My Ride are out on DVD after their very first season while Daria, that epitome of teenage indifference and cynical brilliance, wallows in complete obscurity, lower than the grey water at the side of the curb that cars splash onto your jean cuffs as others drive by? Where is the respect?? Where is the understanding of management that 18,000+ willing customers is indeed a viable, profitable, and marketable audience???

I will henceforth boycott one of your stations every hour until this situation is remedied or until all of them are destroyed.

Consider yourself warned.


JCA said...

Well, they only just got around to releasing Aeon Flux. Maybe they're waiting for the live-action Daria movie?

Albert Clifford Slater said...

Only 18,000? I'm sure there are more than that considering they were running Daria reruns on the teen Nickelodeon affiliate "The N" (lame) so they probably built up a bigger audience. It's surprising that they haven't tried to squeeze every dollar out of the franchise, though. There are shows that only had one season and were cancelled and they still have a DVD out.

My question is, where are the DVD's for The State? The guys from Stella and Reno 911 were on it and they were brilliant, even then.

The Law Fairy said...

jca, you are such a nerd ;)

lakhawk said...

There is a Daria DVD with two "specials" on it. I bought it for my sister for Christmas a couple of years ago. She and I make it 18,002.

odderie said...

lak, yeah...I've seen the two movie DVDs available. I have them both on tape along with around four hours of episodes.

jca (and everyone else, too, for that matter), maybe you have a point. Who would play Daria in a live-action movie, though?

Marsha said...

I am a Daria fan from way back. I would pay for the DVD just to get the episode "Daria! The Musical!" especially since the reruns at odd hours on The-N never seem to be what they say they are on the Info screen....

Fight the good fight for Daria!