Thursday, January 26, 2006

Greed is good.

Gordon Gekko had it right, especially when you consider the current status of NY's associate salaries. Which is, specifically, unchanged.

Why is it that associate salaries are going up all over the country in LA, SF, Chicago, and even Philadelphia, while they continue to remain unchanged in that city with the highest cost of living of them all: NY?

On top of that, NY firms oftentimes don't offer a summer stipend; instead, they offer salary advances. Factoring in the summer stipend even before taking into account the hiked up salaries, these other first year associates are getting upwards of $5K to 10K more in starting salary even before clocking their first billable hour.

Is it just me or are we getting double screwed for going to the Big Apple?


The Law Fairy said...

That's f'd up!! Especially since living in NY is so freakin' expensive. They *must* be on the verge of raising salaries, since so many LA firms, etc., have NY offices -- and it wouldn't make any sense to raise salaries for their CA offices and not their NY offices.

I have my fingers crossed for you!!

lakhawk said...

whiners ;)