Sunday, January 22, 2006

B Olympics?

So my friend today was talking about how her grandma has "A" grandchildren and "B" grandchildren. "A" grandchildren are the starters and "B" grandchildren are the bench warmers. Horrible as it is to admit, I have to say that I agree from first-hand knowledge. My grandma definitely has "A" grandkids and "B" grandkids. Yours truly is firmly in the "B" category for simple unchangeable facts of birth -- I am the daughter of her daughter. That's a double girl whammy! Anyway, so "A"/"B" grandchildren suck, but to take it one step further, here's an idea: "A" Olympics and "B" Olympics.

Next month will be the Winter Olympics in Turino. Is it just me or does it seem like people are less excited about Winter Olympics than they are about Summer Olympics? Winter Olympics would be the "B" Olympics to Summer Olympics' "A" Olympics. Other than figure skating, which seems to be the big advertising seller of the Winter Olympics, there doesn't seem to be a huge draw.

Here's my theory (on Olympics prestige):
The sports that require a competitor to use a lot of equipment are less prestigious than the ones that solely rely on the competitor's talents. E.g. Olympic gold in curling is less prestigious than Olympic gold in the 100 meter race.



Max Power said...

Who in their right mind could get excited about snowboarding?

Biggest problem of Winter Olympics? No women's beach volleyball.

The Law Fairy said...

Huh. I've actually always seen it just the opposite. The only Olympic sport that remotely interests me is figure skating, so I've always preferred the winter olympics. The only good thing about the summer olympics is that all my shows are in reruns so they can't be preempted :P

Albert Clifford Slater said...

I'm excited about ski jumping...pretty much any sport where the likelihood of injury is high.

Also, I hate hockey, but Olympic hockey is amazing, and I love curling because i get to talk about crazy people sweeping ice and calling it a sport.