Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Awards Season

Oscar noms are up.

Two brief comments:
1) Keira Knightley for Best Actress?!???!!!!! (That's a "WTF" comment, by the way.)
2) I'll bet the Academy has never nominated a song with the word "pimp" in the title before. Or anything with the word "pimp" in the title for that matter.


The Law Fairy said...

I was surprised Walk the Line didn't get a Best Picture nod!

But at least now the way is (hopefully) paved for Brokeback. Go Brokeback!

And, re: Keira Knightley: I concur. WTF????

Albert Clifford Slater said...

My comment (predictably) has to do with "pimp"ing the Oscars.

Now, for me, the musical medleys are the worst thing in the world and the show is already too long (besides, best song should be on the Grammys), but I would love it if Jon Stewart did his own version of "Hard Out here for a pimp" a la Billy Crystal.

odderie said...

I, too, am rooting for Brokeback.

And while I agree on the music medley's being completely unnecessary, I disagree on the point that the Best Song should be in the Grammys. I would think the best song category recognizes songs that were written for the movie and best fit in or exemplify the movie. So doesn't it have less to do with the song itself than it does with its impact on the movie?