Sunday, November 13, 2005


First: Thank GOD the holidays are starting earlier and earlier...because that means more egg nog and peppermint ice cream. Yayayayay!

Second: The newest Miller Lite commercial is awesome.
Lawyer to man on the stand: "... And in your opinion, which has more flavor: Miller Lite or Bud Light?"
Man on the stand: "The Miller Lite, definitely!"
Lawyer: "Let the record show that our taste expert states --"
Opposing counsel: "Objection! He's not a taste expert!"
Judge: "This man's legal name is Flava-Flav. Counselor, I'll allow it."
Lawyer and Flava, pointing at opposing counsel: "Yeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh, boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"


The Law Fairy said...

I always get warm fuzzies when Starbucks breaks out the eggnog and gingerbread lattes :)

odderie said...

hahaha...There's at least an upside to this whole "holiday commercials before Halloween" thing.

Mmmm...peppermint hot chocolate!

Max Power said...

Yeahhhh booyyyyy!!!!

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DavidNYC said...

Egg nog? Gross.

Miller ad? Hilarious.