Monday, November 28, 2005

Homebody, Examined

So recently I took a quiz thing that said my "ideal relationship" right now would be casual dating. This result makes me wonder: How does a homebody go about casually dating? does a homebody meet other homebodies? Or...what do two homebodies do on a date? Mutual homebodying?

Also, I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine from high school. Neither of us has had much experience with the relationships side of life. Looking around, we see that many of the long-term relationships people are in are relationships that began in undergrad. This makes me wonder (a second time): Is there some sort of expiration date on, well, date-ability? And...if I haven't jumped on that ship yet, has it set sail already? And...if I look on the back of my diploma, will I find some sort of sell-by date in fine print along the lines of "Has reached her shelf life for relationship-readiness. Do not purchase past 06/2003"...?

Maybe it's just the company I keep and the people I know are a skewed sample, but it seems that dating past undergrad is especially difficult. Sure, going to law school may have opened up a second-time-around door, but the well's pretty dry over here, too. Now that I think I may be curious enough to jump on board, is it possible that I'm already past my expiration date?


Max Power/Senator K said...

I believe the situation will be resolved soon after you move to NYC, aka the land of bountiful sweet poontang.

apenguiniamnot said...

"mutual homebodying"!