Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nazis??? In Bakersfield????

Wow, this is so messed up.


The Law Fairy said...


Bakersfield "not white enough"??? Maybe they should move to Alaska.

Are you sure the onion didn't leak this story?

And what kind of parent names her kids "Lamb" and "Lynx"? Does she WANT them to grow up to be strippers?

Anonymous said...

Their mom has very strange behaivor. She is using her daughters for her own benefit. I found the 2 above articles very interesting.

JCA said...

They even look like strippers-to-be. Of course, compared to achieving cult status in the white supremacist community, that's probably a comparatively noble aspiration.

odderie said...

And, upon visiting the link right now, I find it ESPECIALLY messed up that the "Breaking News" banner across the top tells me that "Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks is dead at age 92."

It's so sad that they're so young and are influenced this way.

The Law Fairy said...

Rosa Parks died???


odderie said...


I know.

Very :'(.

She was 92, though, and lived a full life, accomplishing more than most people out there ever do. Cheers to her!