Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mmm...French Fries

While surfing today, I came across this fun, fascinating article. Having always had the negative stigma of being an untenable pollutant and thus bad for the environment, diesel fuel really never struck me as ever possibly being able to emerge as a good thing. If, however, this article is correct, and the only pollution coming out of biodiesel is of the French-Fry-smelling, non-harmful variety, then consider me favorably impressed. The idea of being able to cook up my car's gas in a deep fryer may even merit my own Craigs List, diesel-engined car experiment one day. And, yes, I realize that the fact that I consider this a really cool thing, let alone that I'm considering doing it in the future, reveals me for the born-and-raised San Franciscan that I am. Go ahead and say it. Fine. I'll say it for you. Hippie.

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