Monday, October 31, 2005

Can I get an Eight Clap?

With UCLA ranked number 5, I feel as though I should somehow be rooting like a maniacal fan, obsessively watching every Saturday afternoon. Alas, I am not.

In the spirit of maniacal fans, however, I had a rather interesting Sunday when I drove down to Cincinnati to root on my brother and his team from Cal Berkeley in the National Chemical Engineering Car Competition.

I left at 5:50AM and saw the sun rise around Gary, Indiana.

In a sentence or two: In the competition, Chemical Engineering students build cars that run off of chemical reactions. Immediately before the competition, they are given a certain distance that they must get closest to and a certain weight that they must carry on their cars. There were some pretty cool cars out there.

Cal's car unfortunately...exploded. It was really loud. I know -- it's so sad, and they were so disappointed. The team just did not have the funding to buy extra materials for practice rounds, etc., so the tank was worn through by the time the competition began. They weren't the only ones with troubles, though. Many cars didn't run, and one even caught on fire. Yup. ON FIRE. That smoky stuff? It's from the fire extinguisher.

What was most entertaining and funny, though, was the fans. Holy man are they fanatics. Seriously. The Eight Clap is NOTHING compared to some of these guys. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Kansas State University:

University of Puerto Rico:


MaxPower said...

So, you were a nerd cheerleader. :)

odderie said...

Indeed. Stop staring at my pom poms.