Sunday, July 10, 2005


Tuesday's lunch was at Sparks Steak House. I'd been here before when I was checking out firms. It was great then, and it was great on Tuesday. I had a gigantic filet mignon, which was the size of my head. The dessert was delicious. I had a strawberry Romanoff, which was strawberries with a cream that was oh so wonderful.

I got a haircut yesterday at a chichi salon. I went to Ted Gibson Salon, which is the same place (or at least the same guy) that does Angelina Jolie's hair. I was very happy with the cut, which was my first paid-for haircut in about 5 years and my first chichi cut ever. Haircutting has always been a control freak issue for me; some sort of twisted logic always wins me over where I'd rather wield the scissors and be in control than have a $20 stylist work on me. Really, can you really trust a person being paid $20 actually to care about what he/she does to your hair? The chichi place, though, seemed like the perfect solution because, even though I wouldn't be completely in control, at least the person in control would be a super trained stylist who (one would hope) would know what he/she was doing. There's something about cutting my own hair that is very freeing, though. I love the feel of the scissor making its way through the chunk of hair.

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