Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The good:

Today I went to Wolfgang's Steakhouse, which is run by the same people over at Peter Luger's (more on Luger's next Friday, a day I have been eagerly anticipating!). We had steak for 9 (and there were still 2 non-beef eaters who ordered fish). The steak was pretty dang tasty in its medium-rare charred goodness. I learned that, on the T-bone, the big side (for lack of a more technical term that probably does exist but of which I'm unaware) is the sirloin steak side and the small side (again, I admit my lack of knowledge here) is the filet mignon side. Isn't that cool?? In addition to hunks of sizzling meat, I of course left room for a horrifyingly rich chocolate mousse cake. The cake/mousse itself was eh-okay, but the crust was really cool (an Oreo cookie-like crust) and the "schlag" (their homemade whipped cream) was REALLY awesome.

The bad:

I am BEING EATEN ALIVE in NYC. (Stop thinking perverted thoughts!) I woke up this morning to EIGHT, count them EIGHT bug bites on me, TWO of which are on my FACE. How nasty is that?????? Trust me, you are not the only one grossed out by this because I am majorly disgusted.

I should explain that bug bites + my skin don't mix, and I end up with bad allergic reactions (think gigantic, really red, puffy, etc.). Anyway, I'd thought I'd been careful after having been spider-bitten earlier this summer (which is an even bigger debacle -- think antibiotics, the works -- than these mosquito bites), and I'd been wearing this really cool-dorky -- "corky?" -- (you know...one of those hybrid things that is awesome to find but that some would totally shun...like a Harry Potter robe or something) bug repellent bracelets that are supposed to keep biting bugs away. It appears that this one (which I'd admittedly been using for about a month -- it would likely wear off by now, I guess) had worn out by last night because man alive am I feeling it.

I've now reached a new level of nighttime bug repellent. In addition to my (NEW, just opened from the package) bug repellent bracelet, I have ceremoniously decorated my room with Bounce fabric softener sheets (placing one on my windowsill, tying one to my doorknob, you name it), and I bought a long sleeved shirt to wear to sleep. Yes, a long sleeved shirt. Those of you not in New York may not appreciate the fact that I will be wearing a long sleeved shirt. Let me just say that it is so hot-humid -- "homid?" -- here you don't even dry off when you step inside the air conditioned building -- the sweat sort of just sits there, nastily hanging out on the back of your neck. Granted, we DO have AC now (thank the LORD), but it's still stickily uncomfortable to be wearing sleeves at a time like this. *sigh*

Does anybody have suggestions for other things I could do? (I've heard garlic consumption is good and makes your blood unsavory...yea? nay? And, yes, I am aware that my voracious dessert consumption likely contributes to the taste of my blood...So sad...)

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