Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Indoor Heatstroke?

My first day in NYC was Saturday. It was CRAZY hot. We're talking lying-in-bed-spread-eagled-without-covers-and-STILL-sweating-profusely hot. Everybody reassured me that it would get better and that it doesn't get nasty until July/August. Well, people, it's Tuesday, and it's still CRAZY HOT. What gives??? The apartment I'm sharing with Darlyn is a GREAT deal in a GREAT location, but We Have No Air Conditioning.

Yes, you read that correctly. No Air Conditioning.

Let's just say that acquiring some sort of AC unit has zoomed to the top of our priority list. To put it into perspective: Yesterday Darlyn bought hair conditioner (we had been making do with purloined hotel conditioner from my San Francisco trip, which, while wonderful-smelling, is just ghetto fabulous all things considered). Today I bought shower gel (again, we were using purloined shower gel in the interim). Tomorrow and no later we will be buying an AC unit. After that, as Madonna would put it, "nothing really matters."

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The Law Fairy said...

Stop it, heat! Don't you dare hurt my odderie and darlyn!