Saturday, June 11, 2005

A $200 Miracle

Actual conversation in my newly air conditioned apartment:

Me: Seriously, air conditioning is awwwwwesome.
My high school friend who's visiting: ranks preeetty high up there.

I cannot say enough about how awesome D's and my new air conditioner is. So that we didn't have to drill holes in anything, my friend and I "installed" it with packing tape left from the people we're subletting from. Let's just say it felt really great in a MacGyver-ish way to star in the episode featuring "How to install an AC unit with nothing but a roll of packing tape."


The Law Fairy said...

Hooray for air conditioning and Odderie MacGuyver!

In case your misery would love some company, graduation yesterday almost killed me, I was so hot. My tip for next year: wear a bikini. There's nothing worse than heavy, velvet robes in the basement of an un-air-conditioned chapel in 92-degree heat with more humidity than they have in hell. Unless it's all of that, WITH actual clothing underneath.

odderie said...

Thank you!!! I <3 AC!

I heard it was kee-razy hot over there this weekend (and not just b/c there were lots of newly-minted hottie doctor-pre-lawyers, either!). Thanks for the tip. ;) This time next year I'll be looking to buy a new tube top for my graduation duds.